Thursday, October 11, 2012

Book Recap - Wild by Cheryl Strayed

A few days ago I finished our current book club selection, Wild by Cheryl Strayed. This book was a story of adventure, heartache, challenge, and triumph as a brave woman hiked the Pacific Coast Trail for over 1000 miles. 

I enjoyed reading this book and imagining what this type of journey would be like. I was reminded how much of a wimp I am when it comes to nature, camping, and the unknown aspect of the wildness. The author had far more strength than I could imagine and hearing her physical and emotional growth on this journey was inspiring. I also enjoyed the added feature of reading this book on my iPad with the enhanced Oprah's Book Club version. There were several excerpts from the book that Oprah commented on and I enjoyed hearing the perspective of an avid reader and it explained why Oprah chose this book for her Book Club 2.0.

I look forward to getting together with the book club ladies tonight and enjoying a fantastic sweets menu and hot apple cider! We will choose our next book selection tonight and I will post an update tomorrow with the new book... happy reading!

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