Friday, November 15, 2013

12 Months Old

It has been awhile since I have posted and so much has happened in the last month. We celebrated Olivia's first Halloween (see the adorable pictures below), planned and prepared for a 1st birthday party, the first two teeth have come through, and we now have a one year old. I am still in shock that the past year has gone by and I no longer have a itty bitty baby, but instead a walking and talking toddler! Olivia is a full on walker and sometimes tries to run, loves to jabber and flip through her books, is eating more and more table food, has her two bottom front teeth poking through, loves to dance to music, and has experienced cake smashing at her party!
The past month was so busy with party planning (pictures and details coming soon) and before we knew it, her birthday had arrived. I loved being able to document her first year using the adorable monthly onesies I purchased when I was pregnant. It was bittersweet putting the final onesie on her and taking her 12 month photos... here they are...
I love her look of wonder in this picture and her bright eyes!
gotta love this smiling face!
Halloween was a blast this year and this Strawberry costume that my mom found at Costco was a huge hit. The green tights over her chubby legs was the best! And she was such a good sport and left her costume and the hood on the entire afternoon and evening.
our little strawberry

digging into the pumpkin full of candy

love her face in this picture and the candy spread all over the floor

We celebrated Olivia's first birthday party last weekend and I will work on posting the details, recipes, and picures soon! Our little girl is now one and I love how much she is growing and learning, but defintely shed a few tears on her birthday. I miss our little baby, but know that the fun times have just begun. Love you sugar plum... can't wait for the adventures ahead!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

11 Months Old

Our little Olivia has transitioned from a baby to a toddler this month and we are in complete denial that she is almost one. The 11 month mark has brought about so many changes in Olivia including she is full blown walking, likes to climb, has quite the personality when you tell her the word no, has thrown a few tantrums, has no teeth yet, and still thinks cat napping is the way to go. I love seeing her little personality develop and it can be scary to see how much she is like me. At least I have no one to blame when she pulls the same faces I do and seems to get upset about the little things... I can't imagine where she gets that personality trait ;)

Olivia has been on two road trips in the past month, went to the ER for her first time (dog bite), picked out her first pumpkin at the pumpkin patch, and has grown out of so many clothes that I lost count. She is just over 23 pounds and is 30 inches tall. Her favorite snack is Cheerios by far and she loves to drink water out of a grown up cup. She skipped the sippy cup stage entirely. Sleeping has been a bit longer at night and she is pretty worn out by about 7:30pm. She has had a few nights with nightmares and wakes up all out screaming... I sure hope those are not frequent!

Here are a few pictures of Olivia's 11 month onesie...

playing with her hula hoop in front of her closet
love those bright eyes and her rocking horse in the background
this about captures it, she is almost one and seemed to hold her finger up at just the right time for the picture

And I just love these pictures from the pumpkin patch... Olivia absolutely loved playing with the pumpkins, playing in the dirt, and seeing the farm animals... the pigs were her favorite!

sitting on the hay bale and playing with a corn cob
she wanted to play with all of the pumpkins

The next month is going to be busy and bittersweet. I am knee deep in planning her 1st birthday party and getting invites mailed and party decor made. I can't wait to celebrate her 1st birthday with all of our family and friends... but I will be shedding a few tears as our little girl transitions from baby girl to a little girl. I can't believe how fast the time has gone... We love Olivia and are so blessed to have you in our lives. Love you!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

10 Months Old

Our little girl turned 10 months old this week and is full blown walking! She took her first steps at right around 9 months and has really taken off in the past few weeks. She has pretty much stopped crawling and now just walks wherever she would like to go. I do love this stage where her walking is a fun mixture of a drunken baby and a zombie... nice and wobbly! Olivia has changed so much in the last month and is more of a toddler than a baby. My heart breaks to think that my little girl is no longer so little but I am so excited for the changes and stages ahead. 

Olivia is still a pretty good eater and has become quite fond of Cheerios. She loves sitting in her high chair and munching away. Her favorite toy lately has been her blocks, she loves stacking them up and then knocking them down. And sleeping is still not great... she co-sleeps with us and then cat naps throughout the day. Maybe she will love sleep next year... 

Here are a few pictures in her 10 month onesie...

Olivia standing in her room... love her eyes looking up at me
this is her favorite expression right now, usually happens when she is surprised
The summer has come to an end but we had so much fun taking Olivia to the GJ Rockies baseball games, to swim lessons and the pool, and on nice long walks in our neighborhood. The next season of Fall will bring about some fun memories... Olivia's first Halloween, cute new fall clothes, pictures in a pile of leaves, and so much more! Here are a few cute pictures of Olivia from the past few weeks...

Olivia during bath time... love her cheeks in this picture
Olivia's first pair of shoes... she looks so grown up in this picture
To my sweet daughter... you are growing up fast and I am trying to soak in every moment with you while you are still little. I love seeing you learn to walk and explore your world. You are so smart and amaze me each and every day. I love you sugar and always will!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

9 Months Old

Our little one is not so little anymore... she is 9 months old today! Olivia has grown and changed so much in the last month and is turning into a sweet little girl. I can't even call her a baby anymore when she is almost walking, saying 'mama', and growing like a weed. The past month has been busy with summer activities, a family vacation to Park City, lots of learning and growing milestones, and tons of fun along the way. 

Olivia is a quick crawler, stands on her own, and took her first few steps a few days ago. It will be no time before she is walking on her own, but for now she has figured out that crawling is a much quicker form of baby transportation. She loves eating her baby food and still favors anything with squash or banana in it. We tried avocado this past week and she hated it... just like her momma! 

This past month has also brought teething and separation anxiety... two things that are not enjoyable! Olivia has yet to pop a tooth, but has all the signs that it could happen any day. And the separation anxiety is hard... no other way to describe it... Olivia cries when I leave the room and has been extra clingy lately. I do hope this stage will pass.... soon!

Here are a few pictures of Olivia in her 9 month onesie this morning... smiles were hard to come by, but she is adorable anyways...

And since it has been awhile since I have posted on our blog (sorry!), here a few pictures from our summer adventures...

enjoying a ride in the red wagon
ready for a day at the zoo
looking at the the animals with daddy at the zoo
catching a nap at the zoo
watching the GJ Rockies game with mommy and daddy

This summer has been a blast for our family and we have created so many amazing memories. We are so blessed to have such amazing and supportive families and a beautiful daughter to show the world. I love you Olivia and love the little girl you are becoming... this life will be an adventure!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Book Club Summer Break

You may have noticed that it has been months since I have posted about book club, or maybe you have been too busy to even notice. Summer has just been crazy for us and there is hardly any time for reading or evening watching my favorite TV shows. I have been super busy at work and whenever I get home I either want to soak up every minute with Olivia or go to bed when she does, which is about 9pm. I love reading, which is why it is frustrating that I don't have much time for it. The book club selections over the summer haven't been exciting to me, which also hasn't enticed me to pick up a book. Maybe when Summer is over and life slows down, I can recommit to reading the book club selections. I do wonder what I did with all of my time before I had Olivia... Anyways, enjoy your week and this lovely hot Summer weather!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

8 Months Old

Summer is flying by fast and it has been so hot here! Olivia is not slowing down at all and growing like a weed. It's hard to believe she is 8 months old today because she already acts so grown up. She is crawling a ton and is getting pretty fast, can hold onto the edge of the couch and walk a few feet, loves to eat her baby food purees and puffs, still isn't sleeping through the night, and has uttered a few sounds that are close to mama and dada. I love this age where she interacts with us, has a smile that melts my heart, and loves to explore. Our summer so far has included lots of swimming, plenty of walks to the park and around the neighborhood, lots of baseball games, and spending lots of time with family. Olivia absolutely loved her swimming lessons and is a total water baby! She has also mastered picking up her baby food snacks and making it to her mouth most of the time. Sleep and napping is questionable on most days and nights and I have really begun to think that our child is just one that doesn't need much sleep... completely opposite of her mother :(

Here are a few pictures of Olivia in her 8 month onesie this morning... enjoy!

our smiley happy baby
this smile and laughing just melts my heart and makes me chuckle

And a few more fun pictures from our summer fun...

our little sailor baby at swim lessons
cute little firecracker
sporting her shades at the baseball game

To my sweet Olivia... I could have never imagined that the days with you could get any more fun. I love seeing you grow and learn and can't wait for the journey ahead of us... love you munchkin!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all of the amazing dads in this world, including my husband Michael! This Father's Day is extra special with Olivia having her daddy to celebrate with. I am very blessed to have a husband that wants to be and is an amazing dad to our little girl. I cannot say thank you enough to him for all he does for our family!

To my daddy, thank you for 27 years of memories, advice, guidance, and love. I am so blessed to have you in my life and to share such a special relationship with you. I will always be your 'noodle' no matter how old I get. Thank you for setting a great example for me on what being a parent means and how taking care of your kids in the most important thing in life.

To my step-dad Jeff, thank you for your constant support and advice throughout my life. You have been a blessing in our family and I thank you for all of the memories we have created together. 

And to my father-in-law Mike, thank you for setting an amazing example for Michael on what being a great dad is. You have been a great role model for Michael and continue to love us and support us in so many ways.

Thank you to all of the fathers in my life... I am very blessed and so is Olivia! Here is an adorable picture of Olivia this morning in her cross stitch onesie that Grandma Carlene made that says 'Daddy's L'il Sunshine'... so cute!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

7 Months Old

Our little baby is turning into a very mobile little girl... Olivia is crawling and moving around so fast and the days of trying to keep up with her have only begun. Our little one is already 7 months old, which makes me think she is going to be turning one before I can catch my breath. Life has been so crazy lately and I can hardly catch enough sleep, keep track of the details of life, and spend every moment I can with Olivia. Working just seems to get in the way sometimes and our dang house just doesn't seem to clean itself... I can dream right?!

Olivia has been a tiny bit better on the sleeping, but still ends up in our bed most nights of the week. I have heard more advice on the co-sleeping arrangement than I care to and we have taken the stance that whatever allows Olivia to sleep will just have to work for now. Because when she sleeps, we sleep! She is still a great eater and loves her baby food and baby snacks... the Plum Organics little cremes are her favorite and anything with sweet potato, mango, or banana, she will gobble up! Swim lessons last weekend were a huge hit and she is definitely a water baby! I think her favorite part of the lesson was the splashing.

Here are a few pictures of Olivia in her 7 month old onesie... it barely fits her...

To my sweet munchkin... you are the love of my life and I am so lucky to be your momma! We are having so much fun watching you grow and explore your world. I can't wait to see what this next month brings :) Love you sugar!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Olivia's Favorites

Well, you guessed it... Life has been crazy! I haven't posted in over two weeks and the days go by just way too fast. We have been so busy with Olivia and we have spent the last two weeks traveling...first to Salt Lake to visit family and then last weekend we took Olivia camping for the first time! We also start swimming lessons tomorrow morning for the little miss and I couldn't be more excited. I can't wait to see what her reaction is to being in the pool!

Olivia has been such a happy baby lately and has already developed some favorite things... here are just a few...

little einsteins is Olivia's favorite Disney show... and it's educational :)
Brown Bear, Brown Bear has been Olivia's favorite book for weeks
we started Olivia on baby food a few months ago and my favorite brand by far is Plum Organics and Olivia likes every flavor we have tried
these Plum Organics snacks are perfect for travel and come in lots of fun flavors

And of course I couldn't possible post about Olivia without showing a few pictures... enjoy!

Olivia sporting her adorable polka dot sunglasses
carrots all over Olivia's sweet smiley face
Olivia standing up all on her own

Just looking at these pictures makes me smile... I am such a lucky momma!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Book Club Updates

Time has flown by and reading has just not happened in the past month. I always have the best of intentions on reading the book club books and reading them in time for the discussion, but lately this just hasn't happened. Life has truly just been way too crazy! I barely read the last book selection 'The Great Gatsby' and really just skimmed the book in order to keep up with the discussion. The discussion about the book at book club was mixed, some of the ladies loved it and some didn't really enjoy it. I was just excited to see the movie the following weekend. Most of the time movies stray too far from the books, but the recent release of 'The Great Gatsby' movie seemed to stay true to the original book with a hip modern take on the storyline. I wished they would have stayed with the original music of the era but oh well, overall the movie was fun to see. 

The next selection for book club is a popular read right now and topping the bestseller's list... it is 'Gone Girl' by Gillian Flynn

My mom just finished reading this book in her book club in Salt Lake and raved about it. She couldn't get enough of this book and could not read it fast enough! I still have about 3 weeks till our next book club and have the best of intentions on reading this book. Stay tuned to see if it happens... Happy Reading!