Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Great Blog!

Since I read the book, 'The Happiness Project' earlier this year, I have been closely following the author's blog. The Happiness Project Blog is full of daily inspirations and fun articles and ideas to help each of us stay on track for our own personal happiness project. I love checking out this blog and finding new ideas of how to focus on happiness and more importantly how to improve the level of happiness in our lives. The author Gretchen has a witty and fun way of writing and I encourage you to check her blog out. I have made it a favorite of mine and hope you will too!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Book Club Updates

I just finished my current book club read ("Chasing Harry Winston") yesterday and it actually turned out to be a great read. Even though the book had a slow start, the storyline really developed and I fell in love with the three women in the book. Sometimes the best kinds of books are ones where you see some part of yourself in the main character. I enjoyed listening to the journey these three women took over about a year and how finding their true path to happiness is what really matters! I missed book club last night due to being very sick and the girls made an interesting choice for the next book. They chose 'Our Man in Tehran' by Robert Wright, which is the story of the Iranian hostage crisis in 1979 and the story of 6 Americans and their amazing escape. This selection is a first for our book club, the first time we have chosen a book that is historical and represents a dark time in history. I just ordered the book today and I am interested to see if this book will capture my attention...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Slow Start

I can always tell if a book is going to be a slow read if it takes me almost two weeks to make it thru about 50 pages. Our current book club read is 'Chasing Harry Winston' and unfortunately it has been a slow start. I finally made it to about page 100 and it is starting to get good. I am the kind of reader that can't stand not finishing a book, so I am glad that I am sticking with it. So far the book has set up the story of three friends and their lives and their journey to change. I read a few more pages last night and I am finally getting into the story line. I plan on reading more this weekend and hopefully finishing in time for book club next Thursday. I hope the book only gets better.... time will tell!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Standing in my Truth

This post is incredibly hard to write, but I believe that standing in my truth in where I need to start. Today is May 1st, which is the day I have been planning on starting a new diet and exercise plan. Well, this morning was also weigh-in day and the scale showed an awful number... 178.5 pounds. I want to be able to say I was surprised, but honestly, I gained over 10 pounds in the last 10 weeks because I have been lazy, using food as comfort, and not holding myself accountable. There will always be an excuse for gaining weight and I am done with excuses. I am standing in my truth today and admitting that I alone allowed myself to gain back the weight and the only thing I can do is move forward from today. I am starting fresh today and putting myself first... I am the priority and need to follow thru for myself! My new workout and diet plan is mainly a focus on making my health and wellness a priority and scheduling my workouts like any other appointment. I have put together a workout calendar that I will follow just like my work schedule... it has to be something that I will not cancel. I have also cut out alcohol completely and focusing on a more whole foods diet... less processed food and more fruits and vegetables. I have often weighed myself too much during a diet, and instead I have decided to weigh in today and then not touch the scale again until June 1st. This blog is a great way for me to stay accountable, so I plan on posting often about my weight loss journey. I have to remind myself that even though weighing in today felt defeating, I am standing in my truth and moving forward.