Sunday, October 21, 2012

Packing the Hospital Bag

When we found out in March that we were pregnant, I thought for sure that I would be one of those pregnant women that would have the hospital bag packed months in advance. Well, that has not been the case for me. We are just about 2 weeks from our due date and I have only packed a few things for the hospital. I made a major shopping trip today to Kohl's and Target and should have our bags ready to go in the next day or so. In preparation for packing the hospital bag and what to expect as far as what I will need, want, and forget about, I did some research on Pinterest and my favorite blogs. Here are just a few places that I found some great tips, advice, and helpful hints on what to pack and what to leave at home:
  • Hospital Bag Must Haves from the blog, Eat Drink Pretty: this mom had a great list of what to bring and a bunch of comments from readers (most of them moms) that offered great advice about what to focus on bringing and the many things that can be left at home. This list reminded me that we are not moving into the hospital, just staying for a few days :)
  • Preparing for Baby Pinterest Board: I have several pins on this board from other moms that have shared their hospital bag packing lists. My favorite pin broke down the list of what to bring for mom, dad, and baby girl... very helpful!
  • Hospital Packing List from the blog, Sweet Baby Pate: this mom's list was a bit long but had great suggestions on what to bring and a few items I hadn't thought of like a maxi dress and flip flops for me and pajamas for the hubby.
I have found that every mom to be is different on how much you want to bring to the hospital. I want to make sure I have the necessities but I also don't want to go overboard. I am only about half way packed but here are a few things that will definitely be coming with us to the hospital: 

Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag - this adorable bag will hold all of our baby girl's gear
Boppy Pillow - lots of moms have recommended bringing this to help with nursing
Pink Polka Dot Robe from Kohls - this super soft robe will be great to wear before and after delivery
Other items that I will be packing for us include comfy clothes, toiletries, chap stick, hand sanitizer, snacks, change for the vending machine, our own pillows, comfy socks, slippers, nursing bras and pads, iPhone and iPad, and of course the car seat! We plan on putting the car seat in place tomorrow and packing the rest of our bags in the next few days. I know I will feel relieved to have our things packed and I can rest assured if we forgot something that we have a bunch of excited grandparents that would run home and grab a few things for us if needed!


  1. Hey! Your mom gave me your blog and I love seeing your updates and progress! You look fantastic! I wish I could have made it down to your baby shower with my mom. The best thing I took to the hospital: lanolin cream (and slippers)! The best thing my husband took: a sweatshirt and blanket. The rooms stay cold to keep germs away and he was freezing! Good luck! I can't wait to see pictures of your baby girl! I am sure your labor and delivery is going to go smoothly.
    xo Mallary

  2. Hi Jen,
    My advice to you is to keep your packed bags in the car on the floor by the carseat. You never know when you will go into labor! It will save someone from having to go back to your house to get it. Good Luck to you both and love you guys, Debbie