Sunday, October 7, 2012

Grilled Chicken Caprese Pasta

This weekend my Dad visited from Salt Lake and we spent time together running errands, relaxing and watching football, and cooking a great dinner together. My Dad spent time putting together the glider that he gave us for rocking our baby girl to sleep and came with a huge box of gifts full of Huskers, San Francisco Giants and 49ers gear for our little girl. I can't wait to post pictures in the future of her wearing her game day gear!

And for dinner last night, we made this delicious recipe of Grilled Chicken Caprese Pasta.

I had pinned this recipe on my Recipes Pinterest Board a few weeks ago and the recipe is from the blog Cooking Classy. This pasta dish was easy to make, loaded with lots of cheese, and made a huge batch of food which means plenty of leftovers for this week's lunches and dinners. I always know when a recipe is a hit when my husband mentions at least a dozen times that dinner was so good! I will definitely make this pasta dish again in the future and will be enjoying the delicious leftovers this week.

It was great to have my Dad here and relax with him this weekend. When I said goodbye today, I had a moment of realizing that the next time he will visit us, he will be a Grandpa! I can't wait for our little girl to enjoy time with her Grandpa and create lots of memories together.

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