Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Photos

We just got back from visiting the local pumpkin patch with our friends Laura and Jordan and their adorable kiddos. It was the perfect weather for roaming around the farm and seeing the hundreds of pumpkins and plenty of farm animals. We wandered around and chatted and I took some great pictures of the pumpkins using Instagram on my iPhone.

I have been obsessed with Instagram lately and recently found another great app, called Diptic. This app only costs $0.99 and offers so many great options on creating collages with your photos. The best part about this app is how easy it is to create photo collages, save them to either your photo file or Instagram, and then upload them to your email or blog. It is so fun to use and easy easy easy! I took all of the pictures tonight using Instagram with the Toaster filter and then added them into a few different collage layouts in Diptic. I love how Diptic allows you to change the size of photos, use either a black or white border, and round the edges of the pictures. I just love how these collages turned out!

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