Friday, November 15, 2013

12 Months Old

It has been awhile since I have posted and so much has happened in the last month. We celebrated Olivia's first Halloween (see the adorable pictures below), planned and prepared for a 1st birthday party, the first two teeth have come through, and we now have a one year old. I am still in shock that the past year has gone by and I no longer have a itty bitty baby, but instead a walking and talking toddler! Olivia is a full on walker and sometimes tries to run, loves to jabber and flip through her books, is eating more and more table food, has her two bottom front teeth poking through, loves to dance to music, and has experienced cake smashing at her party!
The past month was so busy with party planning (pictures and details coming soon) and before we knew it, her birthday had arrived. I loved being able to document her first year using the adorable monthly onesies I purchased when I was pregnant. It was bittersweet putting the final onesie on her and taking her 12 month photos... here they are...
I love her look of wonder in this picture and her bright eyes!
gotta love this smiling face!
Halloween was a blast this year and this Strawberry costume that my mom found at Costco was a huge hit. The green tights over her chubby legs was the best! And she was such a good sport and left her costume and the hood on the entire afternoon and evening.
our little strawberry

digging into the pumpkin full of candy

love her face in this picture and the candy spread all over the floor

We celebrated Olivia's first birthday party last weekend and I will work on posting the details, recipes, and picures soon! Our little girl is now one and I love how much she is growing and learning, but defintely shed a few tears on her birthday. I miss our little baby, but know that the fun times have just begun. Love you sugar plum... can't wait for the adventures ahead!