Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all of the amazing dads in this world, including my husband Michael! This Father's Day is extra special with Olivia having her daddy to celebrate with. I am very blessed to have a husband that wants to be and is an amazing dad to our little girl. I cannot say thank you enough to him for all he does for our family!

To my daddy, thank you for 27 years of memories, advice, guidance, and love. I am so blessed to have you in my life and to share such a special relationship with you. I will always be your 'noodle' no matter how old I get. Thank you for setting a great example for me on what being a parent means and how taking care of your kids in the most important thing in life.

To my step-dad Jeff, thank you for your constant support and advice throughout my life. You have been a blessing in our family and I thank you for all of the memories we have created together. 

And to my father-in-law Mike, thank you for setting an amazing example for Michael on what being a great dad is. You have been a great role model for Michael and continue to love us and support us in so many ways.

Thank you to all of the fathers in my life... I am very blessed and so is Olivia! Here is an adorable picture of Olivia this morning in her cross stitch onesie that Grandma Carlene made that says 'Daddy's L'il Sunshine'... so cute!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

7 Months Old

Our little baby is turning into a very mobile little girl... Olivia is crawling and moving around so fast and the days of trying to keep up with her have only begun. Our little one is already 7 months old, which makes me think she is going to be turning one before I can catch my breath. Life has been so crazy lately and I can hardly catch enough sleep, keep track of the details of life, and spend every moment I can with Olivia. Working just seems to get in the way sometimes and our dang house just doesn't seem to clean itself... I can dream right?!

Olivia has been a tiny bit better on the sleeping, but still ends up in our bed most nights of the week. I have heard more advice on the co-sleeping arrangement than I care to and we have taken the stance that whatever allows Olivia to sleep will just have to work for now. Because when she sleeps, we sleep! She is still a great eater and loves her baby food and baby snacks... the Plum Organics little cremes are her favorite and anything with sweet potato, mango, or banana, she will gobble up! Swim lessons last weekend were a huge hit and she is definitely a water baby! I think her favorite part of the lesson was the splashing.

Here are a few pictures of Olivia in her 7 month old onesie... it barely fits her...

To my sweet munchkin... you are the love of my life and I am so lucky to be your momma! We are having so much fun watching you grow and explore your world. I can't wait to see what this next month brings :) Love you sugar!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Olivia's Favorites

Well, you guessed it... Life has been crazy! I haven't posted in over two weeks and the days go by just way too fast. We have been so busy with Olivia and we have spent the last two weeks traveling...first to Salt Lake to visit family and then last weekend we took Olivia camping for the first time! We also start swimming lessons tomorrow morning for the little miss and I couldn't be more excited. I can't wait to see what her reaction is to being in the pool!

Olivia has been such a happy baby lately and has already developed some favorite things... here are just a few...

little einsteins is Olivia's favorite Disney show... and it's educational :)
Brown Bear, Brown Bear has been Olivia's favorite book for weeks
we started Olivia on baby food a few months ago and my favorite brand by far is Plum Organics and Olivia likes every flavor we have tried
these Plum Organics snacks are perfect for travel and come in lots of fun flavors

And of course I couldn't possible post about Olivia without showing a few pictures... enjoy!

Olivia sporting her adorable polka dot sunglasses
carrots all over Olivia's sweet smiley face
Olivia standing up all on her own

Just looking at these pictures makes me smile... I am such a lucky momma!