Monday, October 29, 2012

39 Weeks

How is it possible that our due date is just a week away?! I am in disbelief of how fast the pregnancy has gone by but also incredibly excited to meet our little girl. I am hoping for her to arrive soon because both myself and my husband are growing increasingly impatient as the days go by. We also have tons of family and friends that are anxious for her arrival and to meet our baby girl! I am hoping that this is my last weekly update for this pregnancy but also trying to manage my expectations that we could be pregnant past my due date. At this point it is probably best for me to just take one day at a time. Here are my pregnancy updates and a very pregnant belly picture for this week:

How far along? 39 weeks
Total Weight Gain? 23 pounds
Maternity Clothes? Oh yes! I am still in love with my maternity leggings and long maxi dresses. I wish I could go to work in my pajamas, but at least all of my maternity clothes are fairly comfortable.
Stretch Marks? Nope :)
Sleep? It depends. On the weekends I sleep fantastic because I allow myself to sleep as long as possible in the mornings. The weekdays are a bit tough since I have to get up for work and the days seem to drag on longer.
Best Moment this Week? Taking some great maternity photos with my husband and capturing this special time in our life. I will look back on these pictures with a smile in my heart for how precious this pregnancy has been for us and all of the memories that we have created in the past 9 months while we waited for our baby girl.
Miss Anything? I miss being comfortable and not having back pain. And I miss sushi!
Movement? Yes and still lots of it! Even though baby girl is getting bigger, I can still feel her wiggling around in my belly and pushing her feet and hands into my sides.
Food Cravings? Sweets! I made delicious Almond Biscotti this weekend to satisfy my sweets craving.
Anything Making you Queasy? Nope :)
Gender? Girl! And I just posted this past weekend about some adorable clothes and accessories that I have purchased for her to wear in the coming months :)
Labor Signs? Not really :( I am hoping that they start soon because that means we can go to the hospital and have our baby. I am sure at some point I will regret wishing for labor, but as of today I would like it to come soon!
Belly Button In or Out? Still half and half... I doubt it will change anymore before the pregnancy ends.
Wedding Rings On or Off? Off :( I tried wearing them this weekend to a friend's wedding and had a moment of panic when I couldn't get them off after wearing them for about an hour. They have been officially tucked away safely until I can wear them again in the future.
General Mood? Impatient. I am ready for baby girl to make her grand entrance into this world and find that each day feels a bit longer than the last.  
Symptoms? Constant back pain, achy feet, swollen fingers and toes, and so so tired... everyone was right when they said the last few weeks are tough and tend to linger longer than anyone wishes...
Looking Forward To? I have scheduled a prenatal massage for Friday in hopes that it might help start my labor if we haven't had her by then and hopefully it will help with my back pain and discomfort. And of course I am looking forward to our baby girl's birth date... hope it is soon!

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  1. Hi Jennifer,all of your maternity pics are SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!! However,I must tell you that they FRUSTRATED ME TO NOOOO END!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I say that because any pregnant woman who has a belly as BIG and AMAZINGLY SHAPED as yours appears to be has to post at least ONE bare belly pic for all of us to see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!