Monday, August 23, 2010

7 Months to Go

I am currently 7 months away from my 25th Birthday which means I only have 7 more months to complete my list of challenges. After looking at my list, I would have to say that I am on track or even ahead of the game and I definetly think there is time to finish the challenges by next March. I am looking forward to having the time to work on things like saving for retirement, losing weight, and planning some great parties for my family and friends. I am hoping to complete everything by my birthday and then be able to start a whole new chapter of my life after the big 25!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Successful Craft Swap!

I just got home from my all day scrapbooking retreat and our craft swap was a huge success! I was able to pick-up some great new papers, new calender rub-ons, some mini flower stickers, and a new stamp. I loved being able to share my old supplies with the other ladies and I was able to use some new supplies for free! The all-day scrapbooking retreat was a great way to catch up with the girls and I was able to get so many of my projects complete. I am thrilled that the craft swap was a huge success!

Friday, August 13, 2010

One Week Till Craft Swap!

Next Friday, I will be hosting a craft swap for my scrapbooking group and I can't wait. I have been gathering my old supplies and I have quite a stack of things to pass along to the next lucky crafter. I have over 100 sheets of paper, 5 stamps sets, 3 ink pads, loads of stickers and ribbon, and a set of flocking powder. I am looking forward to seeing what the other ladies bring for the swap and hopefully I will head home from scrapbooking with some new supplies in my stash. I will be sure to post on my lucky craft finds next Friday!

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Best Night!

We just finished our first book club meeting and it was a huge success! I had six of my closest friends over for wine and snacks and we laid out the plans for our book club. We are planning on meeting the 2nd Thursday night of each month from 7-9pm. We are going to rotate houses each time so that everyone has a chance to host. We also chose our first book club selection which will be "The Last Song" by Nicholas Sparks. I am excited to read this book and be able to chat and share at our next book club meeting. I am so glad I decided to start this book club, I can already tell we are going to have a fantastic time!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Planning Anniversary Trip

My husband and I will be celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary on August 31st, and we are tossing around the idea of going to Ouray, CO for a night. We visited there in 2007 and loved it and we would love to go again. The last time we visited we stayed at the Box Canyon Lodge and enjoyed their private hot springs... the best part of Ouray! I have looked into rates and it is about $150 per night and then we figure it would cost about $100 for gas and food. This potential night away is currently not fitting in the budget this month, so we are trying to get creative on how we can get away for a night and not blow the budget. I am hoping that if we book closer to the date, the lodge will give us a discount on the room. We have also talked about cutting out gifts for each other for our anniversary and instead just counting the night away as a gift to each other. I hope we can make a decision about the trip within the next week or so, so stay tuned...