Monday, October 22, 2012

38 Weeks

Only 2 weeks till our due date and I am in shock by how fast this pregnancy went by. I have been amazed how quickly the weeks fly by and here we are just days from welcoming our baby girl into this world. I have been on a bit of an emotional roller coaster this week because each time I have a few contractions I think it may be just about time and then they go away and the waiting game goes on. We are so excited to meet our baby and I am nervous at the same time about what to expect in labor and delivery. I am doing my best to stay calm, take one day at a time, and focus on enjoying these last few days of my pregnancy. I will miss this special time in my life but can't wait to experience the joy of motherhood! Here are my pregnancy updates and a belly pic for this week:

How far along? 38 weeks
Total Weight Gain? 23 pounds
Maternity Clothes? Sure thing! I have a few maternity outfits that I love to wear and everything else is either pajamas or leggings (I am all about comfort these days!)
Stretch Marks? No and I am quite surprised. I am sticking with the lotion routine and hoping to keep the stretch marks away.
Sleep? Never enough and I LOVE to sleep. This past weekend I took advantage of not having a bunch of things planned and slept in late both days and took a few naps. I think my body is trying to soak up as much sleep as possible before baby girl arrives.
Best Moment this Week? Enjoying the last little bit of my pregnant belly and soaking in how beautiful it feels to be pregnant. I have had more self confidence during this pregnancy than ever before because the beautiful gift I am creating makes me glow... And I love my belly :)
Miss Anything? Sleeping comfortably and not having back pain. The bigger my belly gets, the more difficult it becomes to get comfortable and stay comfortable. I am convinced that I toss and turn at least 50 times each night just trying to find a comfortable position.
Movement? Yes and she is still moving like crazy! She loves to kick and wiggle and stick her hands and feet into my sides. I love feeling her move and it will always be my favorite part of this pregnancy.
Food Cravings? The food cravings are the same and I still love to chew on ice... so bad for my teeth but for some reason I love it.
Anything Making you Queasy? No and the heartburn has settled down a bit which I so appreciate.
Gender? Girl! And we can't wait to name her :)
Labor Signs? I have had a few contractions but they are pretty irregular and go away once I sit down and rest. I have been feeling a lot of pressure below my belly and some pain in my lower back when the contractions get started. The doctor reminded us this week that these are all signs of baby girl getting ready for her arrival :)
Belly Button In or Out? Not much change since last week, but I am surprised how much the skin on your belly stretches to make room for baby.
Wedding Rings On or Off? Off :( I have a bit of swelling in my fingers and toes and have given up on trying to wear my rings for awhile. 
General Mood? A bit nervous, anxious, and excited. There are so many emotions to feel right now and it can be overwhelming at times. I am amazing with how blessed I feel to be having this baby and can't wait for the day she decides to arrive! 
Symptoms? A few contractions here and there, lots of back pain, a bit of heartburn if I lay down too fast, and exhausted... so so exhausted!
Looking Forward To? Our baby girl's birthday! Can't wait to see if she will be an October baby or a November baby!

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  1. You truly are one BEAUTIFUL mommy-to-be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!