Sunday, September 2, 2012

Babyproofing Your Marriage

I have been reading a great book that one of my girlfriends recommended and this book is perfect for the next chapter in our lives of parenthood. This book, Babyproofing Your Marriage, is witty, charming, full of information, and down right hilarious at times. 

I started the book a few weeks ago and have loved every page. I like reading stories about real couples and their experiences dealing with the transition into parenthood. I have even been able to get my husband Michael to start reading along with me. If there is one thing I have consistently heard from people, it is that having a baby is hard on your marriage, no matter how strong it was before. Michael and I have had several conversations about how our relationship may change with a baby and what we plan to do to help foster a healthy and happy marriage while also assuming our new roles of Mom and Dad.

I often think back to something that my Grandpa told me many times as we were growing up and hearing stories about him and my Grandma raising their 3 kids. He would say to his kids, 'I started this journey with your mother and I am going to end it with your mother'. He was referring to the often occurrence of kids trying to pin their parents against each other and playing the good cop bad cop game. I love thinking of this quote as I know the coming years will challenge our marriage and there will be times that we need to remind ourselves to stay strong and united, because we can't have a happy and healthy family without a happy and healthy marriage. I plan on finishing this great book in a few weeks and know for sure that it will sit on my nightstand as a reference in the years to come!

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