Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Night Dinner

Friday night dinners are the perfect way to end a long week and spend some quality time with our best friends. Our friends came over for dinner tonight with their adorable little ones and we enjoyed a great evening of good food, catching up, and lots of laughs. Whenever Jordan and Laura come over, I am challenged to find a recipe that works great for the boys and the girls. The husbands love to eat meat and nothing too healthy and the wives want easy to make dishes that are beautiful and delicious. As I was planning the menu for tonight, I pulled out my Pioneer Woman Cookbook that I received for my birthday. This cookbook has amazing pictures throughout and delicious recipes in several categories. After much deliberation, I landed on these two recipes for tonight's dinner:

Ranch Style Chicken - total guy food and covered in cheese!

Creamy Corn Casserole - delicious and oh so decadent!

Tonight was a perfect example that life can be so wonderful if we just slow down and enjoy a great meal with the people closest to us!

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