Monday, September 24, 2012

34 Weeks

Fall has arrived and the weather has turned cool, which means our due date is approaching fast. I absolutely love the Fall season and especially love that we are having our first baby this Fall. The holidays are also approaching and I love to think about our baby girl's first Thanksgiving and Christmas and all of the memories we will create with her. With just about 6 weeks to go, there is still plenty of things to do to get ready for her arrival and plenty of time to anxiously wait. Here are my pregnancy updates and a preggo pic for this week:

How far along? 34 weeks
Total Weight Gain? 19 pounds
Maternity Clothes? All the time. The majority of my pre-pregnancy clothes have been packed away for sometime next year. I love living in my preggo leggings and anything that is comfortable and easy to move in.
Stretch Marks? Not yet, but my belly is getting bigger and bigger... I better keep the lotion routine up!
Sleep? Not great and never enough. I have found that I need to adjust my schedule and at least let myself sleep till 6:45am or even 7:00am. Just a little bit more sleep in the morning makes a world of difference for me throughout the day. And I love to nap, whenever I possibly can!
Best Moment this Week? Continuing to work on the nursery and starting to put some of her adorable baby clothes away in her closet. I love washing and folding her tiny little socks and onesies and can't wait till I can see her in her cute little outfits.
Miss Anything? I miss sushi and wine at times, but most of all I miss not having to pee 16 times a day and being able to sleep through the night.
Movement? Of course! And I have been able to feel her little feet push into my sides and ribs at times. It is kinda of strange to see her poking my belly and be able to recognize that it is a foot, but I love every bit of her movement. By far one of my favorite parts of this pregnancy!
Food Cravings? I have been obsessed with provolone cheese lately and can't seem to get enough dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream)... I also love having Rice Krispies cereal at least a few times a week.
Anything Making you Queasy? Not really... I can't stand bad smells though. I think my nose has been a bit sensitive lately.
Gender? Girl! And she has so many adorable clothes to wear from the baby shower gifts! She is going to be one stylin' girl and decked out in lots of pink :)
Labor Signs? Nope. We have started going to our childbirth classes and they are interesting for sure. A lot of the information is common sense but we have learned a few tips and strategies to keep in mind for when I go into labor. This week we learned about relaxation techniques and massage, which will both come in handy during labor.
Belly Button In or Out? Not changing much other than not really shallow and not really poking out... just kinda strange to be honest.
Wedding Rings On or Off? On and still have some wiggle room.
General Mood? Pretty good, just really tired. I never knew that the level of exhaustion could really be what it is, but I pretty much could fall asleep at any point during the day. I have been feeling a bit stressed with only having about 6 weeks to go, but also trying to keep in mind that everything doesn't have to be completely done before she arrives. 
Symptoms? Lots of pain in my ribs (from her kicking) and in my back. Still have pretty frequent heartburn and some aches and pains when I over do it.
Looking Forward To? I am trying to desperately hold onto these last weeks of pregnancy because I feel like this special time has gone by way too fast. I love being pregnant and will miss it. I am also trying to relish in the last few weeks of alone time and peace and quiet before the sleepless nights begin and the house is no longer so quiet. We are anxious to meet our baby girl, but we are also enjoying the last little bit of our alone time together.

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  1. My dear daughter and Mommy to be. You are amazing. I hope you find the time after 'peanut' arrives to continue with your blog. I enjoy reading your posts. It keeps me more connected to your life in Grand Junction even though we talk almost every day. Just love it so much.