Saturday, August 4, 2012

Gratitude Journal

For many years I have watched Oprah and listened to her talk about writing in a gratitude journal. It has always been one of those things I said I wanted to do and never got around to doing. This morning I have been watching an episode of Life Class on Oprah's Network and again, the topic of gratitude was discussed. Oprah shared that 16 years ago when she began her gratitude journal that it was the single greatest thing that anyone could do to change their life. The gratitude journal is a way to write down your blessings and focus on the good in life and can help shape us into more grateful and loving human beings. The process is simple, write down at least 5 things each night that you are grateful for ranging from small things like being thankful for fresh water today or big things like being blessed with a healthy child. The goal is to wake up each morning thinking of things today that you will be grateful for when you journal them in the evening. It allows you to have a positive focus throughout your day and live in a space of gratefulness and love.

One of Oprah's favorite authors, Sarah Ban Breathnach has written several books on the topic of gratitude and has shared many lessons throughout the years on how to live a more loving, fulfilled, and thankful life. If you are looking for a great book to read, she has many to choose from and her message is powerful and inspiring in your journey to gratitude.

Tonight is the night that I will begin my gratitude journal and I look forward to this practice of opening my heart and placing the focus of my day on the blessings in my life. I have an adorable little journal that I have been holding onto for months that is just waiting for my writing to fill it up. I look forward to creating the peaceful ritual each night of writing down what I am grateful for. I hope you will start your own gratitude journal and begin to see how it changes your life.

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