Tuesday, August 7, 2012

27 Weeks

We have just about 3 months to go till baby's arrival and I am in shock how fast the pregnancy has gone by. We will be in the 3rd trimester starting next week... crazy! With summer coming to an end, I am trying to soak in the last days of sleeping in, being lazy, and having free time. I know that all of that will change when baby arrives, but it will all be worth it! Here are my pregnancy updates for the week:

How far along? 27 weeks
Total Weight Gain? 8.5 pounds
Maternity Clothes? Definitely and I am still squeezing into a few pre-pregnancy tops, but I know those days are numbered!
Stretch Marks? No and I have been lathering on the lotion to help prevent them!
Sleep? So so. Could always use more and it's awfully hard to get up in morning before 7am... that darn work thing gets in the way of my beauty sleep :)
Best Moment this Week? I started reading to baby girl at nighttime before I go to bed and I love the simple joy in reading her a book and bonding with her. I can't wait till she is here and I can hold her in my arms each night!
Miss Anything? Not having to pee a million times a day...
Movement? Of course! She moves a bunch on the weekends when I am relaxing and I can feel little bumps in my belly and trying to figure out if they are her head or her butt.
Food Cravings? I am addicted to Rice Krispies cereal and any kind of cheese!
Anything Making you Queasy? Kinda... the smell of cigarette smoke is awful!
Gender? Girl!
Labor Signs? Nope!
Belly Button In or Out? It's still in and holding on for dear life... I may get lucky and not have it pop out!
General Mood? Hormonal like crazy! Poor Michael thought I was going to hurt him on Saturday and then on Sunday I was in a completely different (and much better) mood. The mood swings are pretty hard to adjust to, cause you just never know how you are going to feel.
Symptoms? When I sit too long and get up to walk around, I sometimes have twinges and pain in my back. I find that stretching is helpful and not sitting in one spot for too long helps too. Oh, and the heartburn is ridiculous... I don't go anywhere without my supply of tums!
Looking Forward To? We have our 28 week doctor appointment on Friday and looking forward to hearing baby's heartbeat. I also can't wait to work on her room and start organizing her clothes and baby gear :)

I am excited for the next few months of preparing for our little one's arrival and enjoying the last few months of this pregnancy. I can already say that I will miss the feeling of being pregnant but will be so excited to have our baby here!

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