Tuesday, August 14, 2012

28 Weeks

This week marks another milestone in the pregnancy as we start the third trimester. It is hard for me to imagine being only 12 weeks away from our due date when I feel like it was just yesterday that I saw the double pink line on the pregnancy test. We had a great doctor's appointment this past week and have started planning for my maternity leave and packing things in the hospital bag. My husband and I have been reminiscing about how fast this journey has gone and we are getting so excited to meet our little girl. Here are my pregnancy updates and a picture of my belly for this week:

How far along? 28 weeks
Total Weight Gain? 10.5 pounds
Maternity Clothes? I have been living in leggings and dresses as often as possible and I am in love with the maternity dresses at Old Navy... might need to order a few in the coming weeks! :)
Stretch Marks? Nope and hoping it stays that way :)
Sleep? I have been a bit more rested this past week and anytime I get to squeeze in a nap, I am a happy girl!
Best Moment this Week? Listening to baby girl's heartbeat at our doctor appointment and the doctor says everything looks great.
Miss Anything? Having energy all the time. There are moments where I could fall asleep standing up or at my desk... that's is how tired I can get.
Movement? All the time! Michael thinks he felt a foot a few nights ago when he was holding my belly. She is definitely stretching out in my belly and pushing to make more room for her to grow.
Food Cravings? My latest cravings have include fruit including green grapes, kiwis, and peaches.
Anything Making you Queasy? No and I am so thankful to not be nauseous!
Gender? Girl!
Labor Signs? Nope! We did sign up for our childbearing classes at the hospital and they start in mid-September and run for 5 weeks. I am excited to see what we learn and hopefully meet some great pregnant couples.
Belly Button In or Out? It's still in and not changing much.
General Mood? Doing good overall... loving being pregnant, getting excited for the next few months, and enjoying each day of this amazing journey. 
Symptoms? Heartburn that comes and goes and a few aches and pains in my back, but overall I am feeling great and hope it lasts!
Looking Forward To? I am getting excited for so many things... the baby's room, the baby shower, our classes at the hospital, our final ultrasound in a few weeks, and the arrival of baby girl!

I am continually reminded by how blessed we are with the amazing support of our family and friends. This baby girl has the best grandparents and they are being such a huge support for us in preparing for the baby. I look forward to so many years of memories as a family and seeing my daughter light up the world of my parents and my in-laws.

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