Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bountiful Baskets

I have been hearing about Bountiful Baskets from my mom for awhile and just recently found out that this program is offered in my local community in a few locations. Since my mom was visiting this weekend, it was the perfect time to order a basket and see what kind of wonderful produce we would receive. This food co-op allows you to order a weekly produce basket of the freshest and in season fruits and veggies for only $16.50. This week's basket included a cantaloupe, lots of peaches and plums, a package of blueberries, red grapes, mangoes, red bell peppers, carrots, potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers. With such a great selection of fresh produce in the house, I needed to find a few recipes to try this week and this is what I have found:
  • Mango Quinoa Salad - a healthy salad that uses a few of the ingredients from the basket and everything else I have in the house... love that!

This great food co-op program is in hundreds of locations across the country and is a great way to support local farmers and bring home a great selection of produce for a very reasonable price. Hope you try it out for you and your family!

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