Tuesday, July 24, 2012

25 Weeks

Pregnancy is one of the most amazing feelings I have ever had and each time I feel my belly or feel baby girl move, I am reminded by the miracle growing inside of me. I love knowing that this little baby is tucked safely in my belly and growing strong until she is ready to come into this world. I take comfort in knowing she is safe and protected right now and I can only imagine the feelings of worry when she arrives and I don't have her next to me for every moment of the day. Here are my pregnancy updates for the week:

How far along? 25 weeks
Total Weight Gain? 6 pounds
Maternity Clothes? Yes, I have started packing away my pre-pregnancy clothes and have been getting a lot of use out of summer dresses and skirts to keep me cool and give my belly room to grow.
Stretch Marks? Nope!
Sleep? I have been getting really restless in the early mornings from about 3-6am and still getting up a few times each night to pee. I really miss sleeping through the night uninterrupted, but I guess this stage is preparing me for when baby arrives and is up during the night for feedings.
Best Moment this Week? I had my 24 week checkup last week and loved hearing the heartbeat and knowing that baby was doing great!
Miss Anything? Restful sleep, being able to stand the heat, and a glass of wine after a long day at work.
Movement? Yes and lots of it! Baby girl has started coordinating her arms and legs and usually kicks one right after another. She was pretty quiet this weekend, but when she kicks... I love it!
Food Cravings? I love cereal, popsicles, and cheese right now. I haven't had any crazy cravings yet... but there is still plenty of time for that :)
Anything Making you Queasy? Not really, but I am noticing that my stomach is shrinking so I have to make sure to not overeat at meals... or it gets a bit uncomfortable.
Gender? Girl! I found this adorable Etsy shop this weekend that sells the most precious bows and headbands for baby girls... can't wait to buy one for our little girl!
Labor Signs? Nope!
Belly Button In or Out? It's still in and pretty shallow... kinda strange to look at :)
General Mood? The sweltering heat this summer makes me a bit cranky and tired, but overall I feel great and looking forward to the next couple of months.  
Symptoms? I had a few twinges in my lower back this weekend but once I sat down for a bit, they went away.
Looking Forward To? My mom and grandma are visiting this weekend and we plan on doing some shopping for the baby room, deciding on a paint color, and hopefully finding some adorable fabric for the nursery.

I had a moment of panic on Friday when I saw the Halloween candy and decorations on the shelves at Target and realized that our baby is due right around Halloween. I have so many things left on the to-do list and we haven't even started on the nursery. After my moment of freak out, I realized that just because they put Halloween stuff in the stores in the middle of July, that I still have plenty of time and lots of help to get ready for baby girl's arrival!

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