Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pantry/Freezer Challenge

With the new year finally here and my resolutions written down, it is time to save some money this month... which for us means a cooking challenge using up all of the ingredients and supplies in the house. We usually average about $250 each month on groceries and I am challenging myself this month to bring that number down to $150. I know that number sounds small, but my freezer is packed to the brim, we have tons of leftovers in the fridge, and my pantry is full of staples like cereal, rice, pasta, and pasta sauce. This month, I am challenging myself to get creative and use what we have in the house and therefore saving some money on the grocery bill. Now I am challenging you to do the same in your house... how many meals can you create with the ingredients you already have in the house? And how much money will you save this month on your grocery bill? Stay tuned throughout the month as I post unusual recipes and ways of using your pantry and freezer supply before heading to the grocery store!

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