Monday, January 24, 2011

Love the New Book!

I started reading my new book club selection this past weekend and I absolutely love this book! "The Happiness Project" is a great self-help book about finding the happiness is life and striving to be more happy and embrace 'being' happy. I have read about 3 chapters and have loved every page so far. I have really connected with this author when she talks about not only finding the happiness in different parts of our lives but also learning to truly enjoy the happiness we already have. I continue to be amazed at the blessed life I live and this book has really opened my eyes to focus on enjoying the happiness that I already have and then focusing my efforts on finding happiness in other areas of my life and in small simple ways. For example, I am incredibly happy to be able to work full-time in a career I love, enjoy the beautiful home I live in with my handsome husband, and have the freedom to enjoy fun activities and time with friends and family. This book is challenging me to think differently about my happiness and I have assigned myself some homework for this week... I need to be able to define being happy at any weight, whether I weigh 164 or 184. I am sick and tired of attaching my happiness to a number on the scale, so this week I am going to work on finding my happiness in other ways and accepting my weight at any number and still being able to say "I am happy".

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