Sunday, January 9, 2011

Changing a Challenge

I just took a look at the remaining list of my challenges to complete by March 23rd and I have decided to change one of the challenges. I have had the goal of learning how to sew on a sewing machine for some time now, but I have still not learned this crafty skill. Part of the problem is that I don't own a sewing machine and the other part is time, not enough time to learn a new craft when I barely have time to focus on my current crafting projects. So, I have decided to take this challenge of my list and instead replace it with another fun party to plan. Over the past few years I have found that I LOVE planning parties and entertaining in our home, which means time to plan another fun party. With the superbowl right around the corner, I have picked "planning a superbowl party" as my replacement challenge. The superbowl is on February 6th, which means I have less than a month to plan a great party with invites, decorations, food, and fun... stay tuned for my party planning details in the next few weeks. And maybe I add the 'learning to sew' challenge to a future list down the road...

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