Sunday, January 15, 2012

Martha Stewart Craft Projects

I have been crafting since a young age and love planning adorable craft projects to enjoy now and to make in the future. I love being able to use my blog as a record of past projects and projects to complete in the future, whether that is this year or years from now. Shown below are a few craft projects I have discovered through watching the Martha Stewart Show and these ideas are truly adorable!
  • Sushi Baby Costume - such a fun way to make a homemade baby costume out of a onesie, felt, and iron-on transfer sheets... so fun!
  • Mesh Sponge Tutu (the picture of the girl on the left) - an adorable tutu made out of mesh sponges (also called loufas) that you can find at the dollar store. Click the link to watch the how-to video and learn this easy craft!
  • Accordion Photo Wedding Favors - this idea is great for any major family event (weddings, baby announcements, anniversaries, or milestone birthdays). The tutorial is super easy to follow and a great project to mass produce for a large party... love this idea!
I hope these ideas have inspired you to get crafty and make something homemade for yourself, your family, or for a party. Happy Crafting!

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