Saturday, March 3, 2012

Grand Junction Rockies Baseball Tickets

My husband and I are huge baseball fans and have been going to Rockies games in Denver for about 4 years. Earlier this year we found out that our town is getting there very own Single A baseball team and they will also be called the Rockies. We called the team office immediately once we found out they were coming to town and ended up 33rd on the list for season ticket selection. We were able to choose our season ticket seats last weekend and have amazing seats along the 1st base line about 6 rows back. The season includes 42 home games in a brand new stadium that they are finishing in a few months. My husband is beyond thrilled with the number of baseball games we will be going to and the season tickets ended up being such a great price, that each game is going to cost us about $5 each for each game! We both wanted to focus on spending time in our local community this year finding low cost and fun activities, and this is the perfect match. The season starts in June and we can't wait!

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