Monday, March 19, 2012

Book Club Updates

It has been way too long since I have posted an update about book club... life has been a bit busy! I missed this month's gathering due to a work conflict and was only able to make it through about half of the book 'Rules of Civility'. This book was definitely not my favorite and was really hard to get into. I have found that if a book does not capture my attention within the first few chapters, I am unlikely to finish the book or even enjoy reading it. Each time our group reads a book that I don't love, it reminds me that there are great books, okay books, and not so great books and each reader thinks of the book differently. I have also learned a valuable time saving lesson in relation to book club, if I don't like the book then why do I waste the time finishing it. I know some people may say that the book may become great by the ending but I just can't waste my time reading a book I don't enjoy. Hence, I didn't finish this month's book club selection.

I love starting a new book for the next month and for April's gathering we are reading 'Summer in Tuscany' by Elizabeth Adler. This book seems like a great light read and is a story about a mother, her daughter, and her mother traveling to Italy for a summer. I plan to start this book by the weekend and hope that it catches my attention quickly! :) Happy Reading!

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