Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Goodbye 2012 . . . Welcome 2013

The past year went by so incredibly fast and truly was the best year of my life. I spent most of 2012 pregnant with our daughter and experienced our entire life changing when she arrived in November. The memories of 2012 will be in my heart forever and I am so blessed by the incredible year it was for our family. The year went fast and I doubt that time will slow down anytime soon. Each day seems to fly by as Olivia grows and changes and becomes the sweetest little girl. I already get tears in my eyes looking at photos from weeks ago and realizing how much she has changed and how fast the time has gone.

2013 will no doubt be a busy year with so many milestones. It is crazy to think that this year will include things like our daughter's first Easter dress, her first baseball games this summer, crawling around the house, getting her first tooth, celebrating her first birthday, and probably walking by Christmas. I hope to spend my time this year soaking up the memories with Olivia. I have always been a New Year's Resolutions maker but this year I have kept it simple... I want to focus my time with Olivia, create as many memories as possible as a family of three, and live a simple life without all the chaos and focus on the little things that truly make me happy.

I hope 2013 brings you health and happiness. Love to all!

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