Friday, December 28, 2012

Thank You Cards - Red Stamp App

A few months ago I found an amazing app for my iPhone called Red Stamp. This easy to use app allows you to create all kinds of cards, insert your own photos and text, and then either text, email, or mail the card to the recipient. The app is free and emailing the cards to family and friends doesn't cost a thing. 
I have used this app a lot over the past few days to send out thank you cards for all of the Christmas gifts that Michael and I received as well as Olivia's gifts. It has been fun including pictures of Olivia on the thank you cards and being able to quickly type the text and email them off to family and friends. I love anything easy right now and this was the perfect way to send thank you cards timely and save the money on postage. I will for sure being using this app in the future for birthday cards and other occasions and hope you check it out too!

Here is an example of one of the thank you cards I sent this week to my mom...

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