Tuesday, December 11, 2012

One Month Old

Our sweet baby girl is one month old today and I can't believe how fast she is growing and the past month has felt like a blur. I love reminiscing over the day we brought Olivia home from the hospital and the last few weeks of time at home. Even though the last month has brought some tough moments (lots of crying, endless feedings, and little to no sleep)... I am still so incredibly happy and blessed to be this little girl's momma. 

Olivia loves her tummy time, her pacifier, eating lots, cuddling with mommy and daddy, holding her head up a bit, smiling, and she has even started making some adorable baby noises. Her oohs, aahs, and cooing is so adorable!

Awhile back I ordered some adorable monthly onesies for our sweet girl to have her picture taken in. The pictures below show the first of many cute monthly onesies that Olivia will be wearing for her pictures. She is so beautiful and we are so blessed!

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