Friday, May 18, 2012

Maternity Must Haves!

The second trimester of this pregnancy has been so much more enjoyable that the first. From about 6 weeks till 14 weeks, I had nausea most of the day, headaches a couple times a week, and was completely exhausted. Those weeks were tough on me but I had amazing support from my husband, family, friends, and even my office. I learned to love ginger ale and ginger cookies and go to bed at about 8pm each night. Since I am now starting to feel better and get some of my energy back, I have a few maternity must haves for all pregnant moms. 
  • Maternity Pants: this should be a given, but once I transitioned to stretchy pants it made the world of difference. It really helps you feel comfortable when you can breathe in your pants and move around comfortable as your belly starts to pop out. Motherhood Maternity is my favorite place to shop so far and one of the only options at our mall.
these are my favorite capris right now
  • Summer Dresses: I love a breezy summer dress in lightweight fabric and will be living in these this summer. They are super easy to pull on and help you feel comfy and confident as the body changes and the belly grows. 
I have this dress in blue and absolutely love it
  • Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes: I have been completely exhausted at night and often stumble into bed without taking off my makeup. These wipes have been great for a quick makeup remover and then I can hop right in bed. 
love these wipes and usually find them on sale at Target
  • Red Mango Frozen Yogurt: I am absolutely addicted to the pomegranate and original flavor of frozen yogurt at Red Mango. I love getting a bowl and topping it with tons of fresh fruit and don't feel guilty since it counts as a 'healthy' dessert. 
just looking at this picture makes my mouth water
I am loving this stage in the pregnancy when I have a little baby bump, have started feeling better, and really getting excited for our 20 week appointment so that we kind find out if we are having an adorable baby girl or a handsome baby boy!

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