Tuesday, May 29, 2012

17 Weeks

Each Tuesday is another milestone in this pregnancy and I love putting together these updates to remind me where I am in this journey and to share with family and friends. This past week has flown by and I am sure the next few months will do the same. November feels far away but I keep getting reminded that this precious time in our lives will go by so fast, which is why I am trying to slow down and enjoy each part of the journey.

How far along? 17 weeks
Total Weight Gain? 2 pounds
Maternity Clothes? I am loving my stretchy pants and can't wait to wear some lightweight dresses this summer.
Stretch Marks? No
Sleep? Doing a bit better during the night but finding it hard to fall asleep at night when I have a million things on my mind. Still loving naps when I can get them!
Best Moment this Week? Loved spending the weekend in the mountains and seeing my family. It was so relaxing to just get away for a few days and have some nice down time.
Miss Anything? I sometimes miss having coffee or a cocktail, but only sometimes...
Movement? Nothing yet, but I am getting anxious for movement since it usually starts around 18 weeks.
Food Cravings? The only craving I have had over the past week is for coconut macaroons from this amazing bakery in Salt Lake. Needless to say I haven't been able to get one yet, but hope to have some soon!
Anything Making you Queasy? I do find myself getting a bit carsick when I am a passenger in the car for more than 10 minutes.
Gender Prediction? We still think it is a girl and will know for sure in about 3 weeks.
Labor Signs? Heck No! I am no where near a point of thinking about labor yet.
Belly Button In or Out? In
General Mood? Doing good and really enjoyed having the long weekend. It will be hard to get back into the work routine this week. I am feeling like there is so much to do over the next few months, so I need to work on putting together a list so that I can tackle things one at a time. I love that summer is almost here and the warm weather does wonders for my mood!
Looking Forward To: Finding out the gender, putting together the baby's room, and seeing my little belly grow and grow.

The next few weeks are filled with anticipation until our next ultrasound in mid June when we find out the gender. Once we know what we are having, the real planning can begin!

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  1. Love reading your blog. It keeps me so connected to you since we are 4 hours away from each other. Thank you for keeping it current. Love you so very much. Mom