Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Box of Goodies

I love finding adorable gift ideas on the blogs I watch, and the blog Eighteen25 has fabulous ideas! I found this idea for a box of goodies a few months ago and wanted to adapt it for my co-workers Christmas gifts. My team works in an office setting, so I thought the adorable office supplies and chocolate would be a great gift. I put together eleven of these Christmas Goodie Boxes that each have matching office supplies, matching chocolates, and a mini anti-bac hand sanitizer and lip gloss from Bath and Body Works. Then I decorated each box with decorative paper, die cut letters for their names, and matching ribbon to tie it all together. Here are just a few pictures of the finished project:
the inside of the dmc box full of goodies
the top of the box decorated with paper, letters, ribbon, and buttons
We celebrated Christmas early yesterday and the when I gave the girls their gifts, they were surprised and loved the idea! A few of the girls said over and over again, "I wish this would have been my idea!" I really enjoyed putting these gifts together but at the same time, I am relieved they are done and delivered. If you are looking for great DIY craft projects, check out the blog Eighteen25 (thanks for the inspiration girls)!

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