Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tie Dye Success!

The tie dye party on Friday turned out to be a great success! It was so fun to get together with everyone at my office and enjoy a relaxing afternoon including a delicious potluck and tie dye time. I ended up dying two tee shirts and a pillowcase and they all turned out great. I would post pictures but my camera won't connect to the computer for some reason :( This was my first time tie dying and it was super easy and really not that messy (as long as you wear rubber gloves). The favors were a huge success... who knew so many people loved salt water taffy?! I love the feeling after a party when everything went perfectly and the afternoon was a great way to start the weekend! If you are wanting to throw a tie dye party for your family and friends, these are my suggestions: buy the kits from Hobby Lobby (only $7 after using a 40% off coupon from online), buy the tee shirts from Wal-Mart (only $4 each), use rubber gloves no matter what, and make sure to rinse out the clothing and then wash by itself in the washer for two full loads. Hope you have the chance to make your own tie dye shirts before the summer is over! :)

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