Tuesday, November 6, 2012

40 Weeks

40 weeks have gone by and our official due date has arrived. I was hoping we would have our baby girl by now, but God is teaching me a lesson in being patient and trusting that he will decide when she will be born. We are getting more and more excited each day and feel ready to bring our daughter into this world. We can't wait to share the exciting news with all of our family and friends when she finally decides to grace us with her beautiful presence :) Here are my pregnancy updates and a very large belly pic for the week:

How far along? 40 weeks
Total Weight Gain? 25 pounds
Maternity Clothes? Of course! My belly is quite large these days and needs all the room I can get in my maternity clothes. I have loved my maternity wardrobe but also looking forward to wearing regular clothes again in the near future.
Stretch Marks? Nope :)
Sleep? So so. Still tired most of the time but I have had a few nights of good sleep. At this point I am so used to not sleeping great that when baby comes, I will be trained in being tired and having sleepless nights.
Best Moment this Week? I indulged in the most amazing prenatal massage on Friday... it was heavenly! I only wish I had found this massage therapist sooner because I would have had a least a couple of prenatal massages this pregnancy.
Miss Anything? As our pregnancy comes to a end (hopefully soon), I will truly miss being pregnant and this amazing journey that I have been on for the past nine months. As much as I am ready for our daughter to arrive, I will miss my belly and having her with me all the time.
Movement? Yep! She still loves to kick and move and has begun settling down lower in my belly. I can feel a lot of pressure as she has begun dropping a bit.
Food Cravings? Cheese! I still go crazy for provolone cheese and love frozen yogurt!
Anything Making you Queasy? No :)
Gender? Girl!
Labor Signs? I have had a few contractions and pains but nothing that has stayed around for longer than a few hours. I can feel my body getting ready for labor but no official signs that things are starting. Hopefully soon though...
Belly Button In or Out? It has popped out a bit more this week and is visible through some of my clothes. Maybe it is a like a turkey timer button... it will pop out completely when she is all cooked and ready :)
Wedding Rings On or Off? Off :( I am still a bit swollen in my fingers and toes.
General Mood? It depends. I have had a few rough days of really wanting her to come and not feeling like we are anywhere close to her arrival date. I have tried to soak in these last few days of peace and quiet but most of the time I just can't stop thinking about when she is going to arrive.
Symptoms? Still having lots of back pain and achy at times. I have been really trying to rest my body and take it easy these past few days.
Looking Forward To? Our daughter's birthday! Can't wait for her to make her entrance in this world and our beautiful family... she is so loved already!

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