Friday, February 18, 2011

New Book Club Selection

Last night was another great book club meeting and I loved the chance to talk about the book, 'The Happiness Project'. We had so much to talk about that we only made it to the month of August by the time we hit 9pm. Everyone at book club loved the book and want to read it again in the future! We also chose our next selection and picked a shorter book called "Resilience" by Elizabeth Edwards. I have always admired the strength of Elizabeth and now that she is gone, I am looking forward to reading the last book she wrote about her life experiences over the past few years of her life. We chose this book for two reasons, it is a shorter book (which means we will have time to finish it in 3 weeks) and we wanted to read a biography type book. I am excited to start reading our new selection and as always, I will post updates along the way!

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