Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Book Club Book: 100 Pages to Go

Well... I have done it again. Book Club is tomorrow and I still have 100 pages to go in the book 'The Happiness Project'. I am frustrated with myself for leaving the reading to the last minute and the crazy part is that I love this book but can't seem to find the time to read. I think what is holding me back from finishing the book is that I have enjoyed the book so much that I am almost sad to finish it. I have had so many aha moments in this book and absolutely love the writing style from the author. The way she writes about different happines projects during each month of the year is both inspiring and exciting to think about breaking down challenges/goals to small and manageable pieces. I am hoping to finish my reading tonight (or maybe even in the morning) and I can already tell that the discussion at book club tomorrow night will be amazing. I am hoping the other ladies have learned as much about themselves and their happiness as I have learned about my own life... I will be sure to post a full book club review tomorrow night!

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