Monday, March 7, 2011

Finally Back!

After a few weeks off from blogging, I am finally back! Life has been crazy and I was not feeling well most of last week, so blogging kinda fell to the back burner. I am in complete denial that it is March 7th today and I will be heading to Vegas in less than 3 weeks... can't wait, but where has the last few weeks gone?! As far as my challenges go, here is the quick update:
  • the budget for February turned out great! only spent $567.44
  • the new book club book, "Resilience" is a great read... currently about half way through it
  • still working on dropping a few more pounds before Vegas, need to up the workout routine
  • working on planning a pink pajama party for my birthday with my girlfriends
  • and excited for book club this thursday at my house!
I am hoping to get back into blogging and update more often in the next few weeks!

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