Thursday, April 11, 2013

5 Months Old

Our sweet little girl is 5 months old today and getting so big! She sits up on her own, has started eating rice cereal, loves playing on her play mat and in her bouncy seat, and is snugly and cuddly most days. Olivia is still not a great sleeper and seems to only want to cat nap during the day and sleep off and on throughout the night. We have tried the crib, bassinet, and even co-sleeping and some nights work better than others. I am hoping to transition her to the crib in the next month and hope and pray she will start sleeping through the night. Here are a few pictures of our sweet little 5 month old...

To my sweet daughter... I love you so much I think my heart might burst. You have turned into the most sweet, loving, and happy baby. I love the days we get to spend together and I just wish you would stay little. I look forward to our many days of snuggles, walks in your stroller, and soon to be crawling. You are my world! Love you sugar!

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