Sunday, April 22, 2012

Welcome to the World Baby Eadin!

Yesterday morning at 10:13am, my best friend Laura had her baby boy Eadin! I got the call at about 2:45am and made it up to hospital just before 4am. Laura was doing fantastic with her contractions and was only in labor for about 8 hours total. Just after 10am she was ready to push and in just two really strong pushes, baby Eadin was welcomed to the world. He weighed 7 lb. 2.4 oz and was 20 inches long. It was such an incredible experience to be in the delivery room with her and experience the miracle of child birth. Laura did amazing and is such a strong woman! Eadin is doing fantastic and very healthy! Here are a few pictures of the sweet baby boy!

Laura and Eadin just a few moments after his birth
Eadin about 8 hours after his birth
Baby Eadin, you have been born into a beautiful world with amazing parents. I adore your mom and you are so lucky to have her unconditional love! I look forward to seeing you grow and learn and being called Auntie Jen. Love you sweet baby boy!

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