Sunday, November 28, 2010


I have always been someone who sets my goals high and expects myself to reach them all. Well... when real life sets in, I tend to realize that priorities change and goals need to be adjusted. When I started my journey to complete these 25 challenges before my 25th birthday, I think I knew that not all could be achieved. Even with my energy and enthusiasm, every single challenge would not be 100% complete. When looking over my list of challenges to still complete I can already tell which ones I will fall short of completing. One of those challenges is saving $2500 for our Baby Savings Fund. If you would have asked me a year ago, or even 6 months ago what our baby plans were, then I would have said sooner rather than later. Well, after much discussion with my husband, we have decided to wait at least a year before we start trying to have a family. Since we have delayed this life event, I also plan on delaying the savings goal. We will still work on contributing money to our baby savings fund, but in the near future we will be focusing our finances on other priorities we have for our lives. I plan on leaving this challenge on my list, because even if I don't reach it by next March, I know I will hit the savings mark eventually. Life really is all about setting priorities and adjusting when needed... that is how I will look at this one... 'adjusting' instead of 'not completing' the challenge.

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