Sunday, July 25, 2010

No Baby... For Now...

The past few months have been full of lots of baby showers, babysitting, and overall questions about when we are having a baby. For awhile there I was almost ready to start trying to have a baby and now I am in a totally different space. After babysitting for 2 days straight (a couple of weeks ago) and planning 3 baby showers in  the past 6 months, I am quite exhausted by the whole idea of a baby right now. I have also had to realize that I am only 24 years old and have plenty of time to have a baby. I don't want to come across as negative but I am really not interested in having a baby right now. Instead I want to spend time alone with my husband, spend time with my friends, travel, and enjoy this time in my life. I am trying to live in the present instead of 5 years down the road and just enjoy my current life. I know that someday we will make great parents and I have no doubt that the time will come, just not right now. So as far as my challenges, I am currently putting the challenge of "Saving $2500 in Baby Savings Fund" on hold. I want to focus my financial efforts on paying down debt, enjoying life, and saving for retirement. Who knows what the next couple of years may bring us, but for now I am working on living in the present... which currently means I do not have a baby nor am I trying to have one!

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